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What is the service duration and which days of the week are available?

The service duration is on a weekly basis (from 1 to 8 weeks, with the possibility of extension if needed). We provide services 5 days a week, from Monday to Friday.

What is the process to apply for the service?

After reviewing the contract, you need to sign it and submit it via email. The deposit should be wired to a bank account or sent via Venmo. For information about out-of-state services and procedures, you need to consult separately.

What should I do if I have allergies?

You need to inform us in advance of any allergies (food, medication, etc.). Our postpartum caregivers will assist in taking appropriate measures.

What are the postpartum caregiver's rest hours?

Our postpartum caregivers receive 3 hours of rest per day.

What is the work schedule of the postpartum caregiver like?

There are two types of work schedules: commuting and live-in. Commuting involves the postpartum caregiver traveling to the mother’s residence to provide services, while live-in involves the caregiver residing at the mother’s residence to provide services.

What are the fees for using the service?

Classification Live-in
Service Fee Deposit Total
1 WEEK $ 1,200.00 $ 300.00 $ 1,500.00
2 WEEK $ 2,400.00 $ 600.00 $ 3,000.00
3 WEEK $ 3,600.00 $ 900.00 $ 4,500.00
4 WEEK $ 4,800.00 $ 1,200.00 $ 6,000.00

When would additional charges occur?

Additional charges apply if there are other members present besides the mother, husband, and newborn.

Can I request guest hospitality and deep cleaning services?

I’m sorry, but we do not provide guest hospitality and deep cleaning services upon request.

Can postpartum caregivers perform medical procedures?

No, postpartum caregivers do not perform any medical procedures. If medical advice is needed, please consult with a medical professional.